Rivers of Westmorland (Pigot, 1840)

An extract from the notes on “Westmoreland” in Pigot’s 1840 Atlas of the Counties of England. (I have split it into paragraphs for clarity; in the original it was a single paragraph).

“This county is plentifully watered with rivers, the principal of which are the EDEN, the EIMOT, the LEN (Lon or Lune), and the KEN (or Kan); beside these, there are several other streams, chiefly tributary to those named.

“The Eden, which is the most considerable river of the county, has its source near the middle of it, not far from the borders of Yorkshire; and, passing Appleby, runs by a north-west course in Cumberland.

“The Eimot flows out of Ulles-water Lake, and forms the boundary of this county and that of Cumberland, until it meets the Eden.

“The Len has its source near to that of the last-named river; and, becoming a boundary to the West Riding of Yorkshire, passes by Kirkby Lonsdale, when it leaves this county and enters Lancashire: the scenery adorning the course of this river is extremely beautiful, and very much admired by tourists.

The Ken runs nearly south , by Kendal, and soon after falls into the estuary near Morecamb Bay.”

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