Rydal Water

Although one of the smaller of the Westmorland lakes Rydal Water makes up for its diminutive size by its almost excessive beauty. It is the pearl in the heart of Lakeland. Although when walking or driving from Ambleside to Grasmere one seems to be going from south to north, Rydal Water is aligned east-west. The following photograph was taken on an Autumn afternoon looking toward the west as the lake first came into view on the path from Pelter Bridge.

Rydal Water on an Autumn Afternoon - Lake District WestmorlandRydal Water on an Autumn Afternoon

Switching from photography to painting, and going back a century, here is a watercolour by Alfred Heaton Cooper. This view is from the other end of the Lake. I can’t place the viewpoint precisely, but it is from somewhere around White Moss Common. The River Rothay is visible, flowing under the footbridge after leaving Grasmere and meandering briefly into Rydal Water.

Sunset, Rydal Water by A Heaton CooperSunset, Rydal Water by A. Heaton Cooper
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Next we’ll go through Ambleside and over Kirkstone Pass to Brothers Water

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