River Lune at Lincoln’s Inn Bridge near Sedbergh

The stretch of the River Lune near Sedbergh, although now wholly in Cumbria, used to be the boundary between Westmorland and Yorkshire.

Lincoln’s Inn Bridge is on the A684 between Sedbergh and Kendal. It still has a foot in each of two civil parishes, Lambrigg (ex Westmorland) to the west and Sedbergh (ex Yorkshire) to the east – left and right respectively on the photo below.

Lincoln's Inn Bridge over the River Lune near Sedbergh

Lincoln’s Inn Bridge, named after a nearby Inn (no longer an inn) is thought to date from the 17th century although there was probably a predecessor. By today’s standards it is very narrow. Traffic lights allow vehicles in only one direction at a time.

The River Lune - looking upstream at Lincoln's Inn Bridge near Sedbergh

The above photo shows the River Lune looking upstream from Lincoln’s Inn Bridge. Sorry about the cable; I’ll try to avoid it next time I go there. Further upstream is a marvellous old (disused) railway viaduct and the Crook of Lune Bridge. Downstream the river flows on past Casterton and Kirkby Lonsdale to Lancaster and the sea.

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