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This page is a brief explanation of my policies on photography and the use of scanned art works, including issues of copyright.

My Policy on Photography

The first thing to say is that I am not a professional photographer. Around thirty years ago, in the age of film cameras, I for several years did a certain amount of amateur landscape photography but, to be honest, was not very good at it. Then my Nikon camera kit was stolen on a train between Philadelphia and Washington DC, and somehow it knocked my enthusiasm. Although I did a certain amount in the intervening years it was only around four years ago that I once again started to take it seriously, and by this time we were well and truly into the digital era. I am self-taught, or maybe I should say book and magazine taught, and still on a steep learning curve.

My aim in taking photographs for my web sites is not to produce works of art. I do only a very limited amount of digital processing either in-camera or on the computer. My purpose is to illustrate the places as people might reasonably expect to see them when they visit. For exaggerated skies and other image distortions people should go to the sites of photographic artists. Here, what you get is what you can expect to see when you visit a location.

All the photographs used, unless otherwise clearly stated, are my own and are covered by copyright.

Paintings by A. Heaton Cooper

When I started my first Lake District website five years ago I did not have many colour photographs of my own to illustrate the pages, but had since childhood (thanks to my mother’s books) admired the paintings of Alfred Heaton Cooper and his son William. I therefore telephoned the Heaton Cooper studio in Grasmere to ask whether I would be free to use scans of some of their pictures to illustrate the site.

The answer was that the paintings of William were still covered by copyright but that those of Alfred were not. I was therefore free to use the work of father but not son. As time went on I was able to increase the number of my own photographs and so tended to use the paintings less, but that old original site (long neglected although still live) still carries some of them.

On this site, however, I’ll be using them again – at larger sizes than before and with better quality scans. As previously I’m more than happy to provide promotional links to the Heaton Cooper Studio without any financial compensation simply out of gratitude to the founder of this Westmorland artistic clan.

Most of the scans are taken from either:

English Lakes Water-Colours, by A. Heaton Cooper (A. & C. Black, London, 1919), or
The English Lakes, painted by A. Heaton Cooper; described by W T Palmer (A. & C. Black, London, 1925 edn)

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