Longsleddale – Long Beautiful Westmorland Valley

Longsleddale is, to my mind, the most beautiful valley in Westmorland if you discount those with the added advantage of lakes. I’m biased, of course, for it was to this valley that one of my eight 2xgreat-grandfathers came as a young man from Sedbergh. He married a local girl and started a family that continues in the valley to this day. During the 1970s I visited often, but for a long time until very recent years have not had the same opportunities. These photographs were taken on a return trip shortly after moving back north in 2011.

Approaching Longsleddale valley from the A6 - Westmorland valleys
Entrance to the Valley from the A6 North of Kendal

Longsleddale from the churchyard - Westmorland valleys
Looking up the valley from the churchyard

Looking towards Sadgill - Longsleddale - Westmorland valleys
Beyond the church, and looking up toward Sadgill

The head of Longsleddale - Westmorland valleys
Beyond Sadgill; the head of the valley and the infant River Sprint

Sadgill packhorse bridge Longsleddale - Westmorland valleys
Looking back to the old packhorse bridge at Sadgill

Someday I must take the time for another photographic expedition. My 1970s black and white photographs of many of the farms seemed good at the time but don’t impress me now. And I’d like to get shots of the abandoned slate quarries, apart from farming Longsleddale’s only industry. Or is that true? Today there’s the tourist industry; not here the hoards of day trippers but walkers heading for the paths over to Mardale, Kentmere and High Street.

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